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Tech Ed Vs User Forums – Ding Ding Round Three!

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When I ask clients why they haven’t yet attended the Tech Ed I'm surprised to hear that it’s because they attend one of our products’ User Forums. When I ask those at the Tech Ed why they don't attend a User Forum they say it's because they attend the Tech Ed. The User Forums and Tech Eds are completely different and are not in the same category; read on to find out how they differ.

If we think about boxing for a moment, you have different categories; heavyweights, lightweights and even super heavyweights – boxers assign themselves to a specific category and it’s rare to get boxers from different categories compete. That’s exactly how it is for Tech Eds and User Forums, they are champions in their own categories and they don’t compete against each other.

The Tech Ed occurs every 6 - 8 months in one location where all users are invited to attend. Attendees will find out more about the product roadmap, receive tips and tricks, share customer case studies, preview demonstrations and receive complimentary product training - all offered in a one day conference-style event.

In the other ring are the User Forums, these are 2-3 hour product specific events bringing together users based on region, market sector and / or type of organisation. The forums are interactive and enable users to discuss topical issues, share best practice, network with local users and most of all the agenda is led by you!

As you can see, the Tech Ed and User Forums are very different and like any true boxing fan you shouldn’t pick one over the other, both fights (or in this case events) will be entertaining, exciting and not to be missed!

The User Forums have been running for a number of years now and take place across the UK and wider Europe, for locations and dates please see below. ‘Ding Ding’ Round Three: The Tech Eds started in March 2013, they took place again in October and the next round is due to take place in May 2014 for Visualfiles & SolCase and June 2014 for InterAction.

Go on, don’t miss out and register today* whichever you attend will be a knock-out but remember, they are different so both boxing matches (I mean events) should be attended. For more information please do get in touch.

  • Interaction Tech Ed, 18th March 2015, Central London, register here>>
  • Visualfiles and SolCase Tech Ed, 11th February 2015, Birmingham, register here >>

*These are client-only events

About the Author:

Carissa Rafferty is the Marketing Manager for LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions and has over 8 years of marketing experience working in some well established organisations such as Lloyds TSB as well as a selection of smaller technology firms. She is responsible for client and new business marketing activities on an international scale across the product portfolio comprising of Lexis® InterAction®, Lexis® Visualfiles® and LexisOne™. Carissa manages all Enterprise Solutions events including Tech Eds, user forums, webinars and industry tradeshows. In addition, Carissa looks after Enterprise Solutions’ digital marketing strategy, campaigns and works closely with the PR team to produce PR, win alerts and case studies.

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