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Social no good for CRM Managers? You must be joking!

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At our recent InterAction Tech Ed I was surprised to speak to so many clients who thought social media was a complete waste of time no matter how they looked at it. They felt it was for the ‘young-ones’ and time consuming for a business.

Now, I agree, don’t get me wrong if a firm doesn’t manage it correctly social media can be damaging to a firm’s efficiency levels and brand but held in the right hands it can be a powerful tool! Social Media is a massive topic but to start us off here are a few tips on how I think it can improve your CRM efforts.

5 reasons why social media is good for CRM Managers

  1. Check contact details – LinkedIn has over 300 million worldwide users, it’s a perfect online directory for checking contacts with up to date job descriptions and many with open contact details. Something been added to your CRM that doesn’t look quite right? – Check it in LinkedIn.
  2. Keep up to date – Many of your fee earners will have long lasting relationships with clients and contacts, some of those relationships are now going online with fee earners ‘connecting’ with contacts. Keep up to date with your fee earner contact list by monitoring who they are connected with. A review would be a good idea to ensure you have all relevant contacts in your CRM database and therefore these contacts aren’t missed from relevant campaigns.
  3. Community support – There are thousands of groups specifically for CRM where people get together, share ideas, tips and tricks. When you’re the only CRM Manager in the firm it’s nice to know there are other people out there usually dealing with the same challenges as you. InterAction (legal CRM solution from LexisNexis) has its very own group with over 2,400 members all supporting each other.
  4. Lead generator – I didn’t quite believe this until it happened to me, you CAN gain leads via social media. My contacts see blogs and news updates I post; they then share them to their contacts which have led to a number of incoming leads (some from across the globe). Our sales team are also reaping the benefit of social connections. For you working with a CRM system you need to find a way to track these. Start by adding ‘social’ as a lead source to your CRM …. you’re only going to start getting more so you might as well start now. 
  5. Get ahead of the game – Take yourself back 15 years ago, email was barely around, now think about 15 years ahead… personally I think email will be barely around. More and more conversations are happening on social sites, don’t get left behind, get up to speed, ride the wave and see where it takes CRM.
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Carissa Rafferty is the Marketing Manager for LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions and has over 8 years of marketing experience working in some well established organisations such as Lloyds TSB as well as a selection of smaller technology firms. She is responsible for client and new business marketing activities on an international scale across the product portfolio comprising of Lexis® InterAction®, Lexis® Visualfiles® and LexisOne™. Carissa manages all Enterprise Solutions events including Tech Eds, user forums, webinars and industry tradeshows. In addition, Carissa looks after Enterprise Solutions’ digital marketing strategy, campaigns and works closely with the PR team to produce PR, win alerts and case studies.

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