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6 tips for successful event management with your CRM

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For many companies (believe it or not) managing events within spreadsheets is still the norm – it was only 5 years ago I was doing this. Here are 6 tips I’ve developed for how CRM can help you manage your events more efficiently.

  1. Clean your data – this goes without saying, make sure your data is up to date so you are inviting the correct people to your events. Emma Butler our Senior Director Privacy and Data Protection Officer for LexisNexis wrote a very useful blog in May about spring cleaning data which you’ll find very useful.
  2. Get others to review lists – it is impossible to have all data 100% clean, in marketing you simply cannot rely on your data searches for sending out event invites, always circulate lists to relevant colleagues to review. In InterAction (our CRM) this is very easy - with one click of a button it creates an email with the list link which I can send to colleagues for review, all they need to do is click on the link to view, add and/or remove contacts.
  3. Use an e-marketing solution that plugs into your CRM – this means there is no need for manually updating your CRM with stats as to who opened, clicked, registered etc – all stats are automatically entered. A connection like this also means we can see real-time registration lists/numbers and for the wider team they are notified in their Alerts / Watch Lists.
  4. Save time preparing event delegate lists – previously when dealing with spreadsheets it was frustrating to create delegate lists and registration check lists as I’d have to constantly check for last minute registrations. Now, with InterAction I can quickly run searches and export lists which take a matter of minutes.
  5. Add attendees to your CRM while you are at the event – the following day after an event can be sole destroying adding attendees into a CRM manually. We update attendees straight into InterAction as and when delegates arrive which means at the end of the day I can circulate an attendee list to the team – rather than previously getting this information out a day or so later.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask your contacts - With every event invite we send out we have the ability to ask contacts to check / update their data. We also ask contacts for their ‘preferences’ in terms of which campaigns / events they would like to be informed about so we know we’re only emailing those that want the information. Both of these help us ensure we have the most up to date information.


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Carissa Rafferty is the Marketing Manager for LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions and has over 8 years of marketing experience working in some well established organisations such as Lloyds TSB as well as a selection of smaller technology firms. She is responsible for client and new business marketing activities on an international scale across the product portfolio comprising of Lexis® InterAction®, Lexis® Visualfiles® and LexisOne™. Carissa manages all Enterprise Solutions events including Tech Eds, user forums, webinars and industry tradeshows. In addition, Carissa looks after Enterprise Solutions’ digital marketing strategy, campaigns and works closely with the PR team to produce PR, win alerts and case studies.

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