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Rebranding CRM

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So your CRM system is languishing and neither re-positioning nor re-launching seems to be an option. Could re-branding be the answer?

Well, let’s start by examining what we mean by rebranding. Rebranding suggests that the system is configured properly and in line with your firm’s business development strategy, but there isn’t confidence or engagement with the system and the only way to obtain it is to call the spade something different. 

But as I always say, a spade is a spade and this approach should only be used as a last resort. If you are communicating the objectives and benefits of the system to the firm effectively, in a way that adds value, then it doesn’t matter what it is called, the proof is in the pudding.

However, rebranding can make the system more relevant to the firm – particularly if it is in line with an existing business development or client programme. If there is a lot of internal confidence, respect and loyalty in your firm’s brand and values, then re-skinning the system – re-designing the look and feel of the interfaces people use to reflect your firms brand colours and image – can encourage buy in. Nevertheless, there are a number of factors to consider:

1. Don’t skimp on the details

If you want to re-brand your system, make sure you invest time and money into the branding, messaging and design. Poorly designed and executed interfaces will put people off rather than gain additional buy-in. Be serious about the approach and secure budget to make it successful.

2. Consider upgrades

Be aware that customising your system can cause issues when it comes to upgrading the system. Any customisations you make will have to be taken into consideration and can prolong the upgrade process and compromise its success. Talk to your LexisNexis Product Managers to ensure you have covered all bases and allow budget in your upgrade plans for additional support.       

3. Be honest

Don’t try to hide the fact that InterAction is still the underlying CRM system. And don’t just slap your company logo on the front and claim it is a ‘new’ system. The objective of rebranding is making the system more relevant and specific to your firm. So take the time to review and configure processes, forms and folders to better meet the needs of users.

4. Be aware of future plans

It might seem obvious, but check whether your firm is looking to re-brand entirely in the near future. If it is, it will be more cost effective to re-brand InterAction as part of the overall process.

5. Sell the benefits, train for success

Deliver an extensive training programme that not only incorporates ‘point and click’ training, but also incorporates robust messaging and a context setting sales pitch, so that everyone in the firm understands what they will gain from investing time and money in the exercise. And make sure you deliver on the promises you make.

Remember, re-branding alone won’t make the system successful. If your fee earners don’t understand the fundamentals of CRM, and your business development team is not bought into the process and concept of a centralised CRM system, then no amount of re-branding will increase engagement. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
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About the Author:

Tennille has worked in business development and marketing for professional service organisations for over 12 years in various roles. These include event management, digital communications and business development operations. For five years, she focused specifically on InterAction, working with business development executives to align the database to business planning, key account programmes and marketing strategies.

Tennille also specialises in repositioning misunderstood (or failed) systems with business development teams and partnerships. At Lexis Nexis, she works with business development teams to adopt marketing and client relationship management techniques managed centrally through InterAction, to support the growth of professional service firms from domestic, office centric environments to connected global organisations. By aligning systems to firm goals, she helps firm increase user adoption within the fee earner community, ensuring the system speaks specifically to each lawyers needs and objectives. Her aim is to help streamline your processes and successfully report client growth, value add and return on investment back to the business.

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