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What small changes can you introduce to help make a huge difference to the contribution you make to your firm? – Part 3

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In my last blog in this series, we looked at three low cost/high impact changes you could make to the way you market – here are three more suggestions, all of which are proven and all of which are quick and easy to implement.

1. Replace seminars with facilitated ‘roundtables’

Seminars take time to organise and are expensive to run. They are also increasingly falling victim to falling attendances (and those who do turn up are often serial attendees rather than bona fide targets).

Instead of running traditional seminars, run a facilitated round table discussion involving a few clients and a few targets. This more inclusive format gives you the perfect opportunity to underline your credentials in the sector and also provides the perfect opportunity for your clients to say how good you are to your targets and that alone is worth more than a sales pitch from you.

Better still, the resultant insight will also give you a whole load of information you can use to fuel your content strategy for the next few months, again with minimum of effort.

2. Produce punchier content

When we mention creating more content, we are often met with glazed or even rolled eyes. Surely writing articles involves hours of research and then hours of writing to transpond the results of your research into pages of prose? If you’re smart, it doesn’t.

In this electronic (read: ‘disposable’) age, people want short, practical and to the point content. They want to see mention of a problem that may affect them and have a potential solution laid out. Stick to 250-500 words and make sure your contact details (as the ideal solution provider) are easy to see and use.

And get it out quick. As well as disposability, the electronic age has also increased the prevalence of immediacy. If you see a legal or industry update that’s relevant to your practice and/or clientbase, strip out the key points and make a short comment on its likely effects – then get it out. If you see a story in the news that’s relevant to your practice and/or clientbase, summarise it, comment on it and get it out.

The quicker you comment the more credible you will be. Similarly, the easier your content is to understand and apply, the more popular it’ll be (not to mention quicker and easier for you to produce). Most importantly, the more available your content is to your contacts and the more frequently you comment, the more visible you will become to your professional network, which means that for minimal investment of time at a negligible cost, you should soon enjoy a significant return.

3. Work your social media harder

How many times have you heard “I have a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t use it” or, worse still, “I don’t think anyone takes LinkedIn seriously” (or slightly different versions of the same)?

The truth is LinkedIn is now used by the majority of your markets. It is used as an address book, as a way of staying in touch, as an information source, as a targeting tool and as a combination of all of these. That means there is a point to using it but – as with everything in life - if that usage is going to deliver a return you will need to use your profile, not just set it up.

Make sure your fee earners are linking in with everyone they meet, that they’re sharing the firm’s updates and articles, that they’re copying/pasting the firm’s content in to their own article function and that they’re identifying the contacts they have who could introduce them to people of potential interest.

As with everything we’ve covered in this blog, all of this can be done in minutes, with minimal investment of time and effort, and can generate significant results … as long as users are willing to embrace the ‘little and often’ ethos.

In this blog series, we have covered six potential low cost/high impact changes that you can make to get ‘more from less’, marketing-wise. If you’d like three more tips, please email me at

This blog is the final in this three-part series.

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