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Welcome Aboard, Zoe Uddgren-Young as Client Advisor, Lexis InterAction article image

Welcome Aboard, Zoe Uddgren-Young as Client Advisor, Lexis InterAction

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Zoe Uddgren-Young brings with her rich experience and an in-depth understanding of Lexis InterAction as well as the broader marketing function and management of IT systems. The insight that she gained from her roles as Head of Communities & Content at BLM and Portfolio Manager at DWF law firms will be valuable to InterAction clients at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. In both organisations, she successfully led the implementation of InterAction.

We spoke to Zoe to delve a little deeper into her experience and how she wants to add value to InterAction projects as Client Advisor.

What attracted you to move to a vendor organisation?

I've always enjoyed a good working relationship with the InterAction team during both the implementations I was involved in. I love the product – it's a great tool for law firm businesses when used correctly.

When the opportunity came knocking, I saw the potential that the role offered to me in terms of using my knowledge and insight, especially as I have a good understanding of how law firms operate. I also felt I would be able to use my communications skills and help firms with concepts like change and knowledge management, client development initiatives and the like.

The thought of being part of a large, professional, well established software company was very attractive too. The scope to learn about new products and bigger business is exciting.

Before you are completely indoctrinated, why do you think InterAction is a good CRM tool versus other tools on the market?

I've explored other tools in my previous lives and I can say with great confidence that InterAction is a robust tool with a product development roadmap that ensures that the solution stays current in its functionality for professional services firms. Perhaps it's biggest selling point is that it's a 'partnership tool' – i.e. it grows with a firm's business and the organisation's evolving sophistication of CRM adoption.

InterAction isn't a plug and play and this kind of expectation of a system is possibly where law firms display a lack of understanding of CRM as a business concept. Genuine adoption of CRM requires firms to align their business goals and processes, so that they can gain visibility of performance and derive intelligence for decision-making. InterAction offers capability that can transform a law firm's business development function and in doing so, its business operation, to a large extent.

What is your perception of your role as Client Advisor?

When implementing important business solutions, like InterAction, internally law firms have a lot of challenges to overcome – be it securing partner buy-in, ascertaining the objective of deploying the solution, breaking down the silo mentality between departments or so on. Having been on the other side of the fence, I appreciate the problems that business development professionals in client organisations will face, especially to bring the business together towards a common purpose from a CRM perspective. With the benefit of my own experience alongside the expertise of the InterAction team within LexisNexis, I hope to be able to offer thought leadership, sound advice and strong support to help take their projects to fruition.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do in your spare time.

After years of city-centre living, I now live in the country. Thanks to my Cockapoo, I do a lot of walking – even in the rain, which I never thought I would do! I also enjoy gym classes and cooking for friends and family.

In terms of pet peeves, I believe in doing what you say you're going to do. To me, it's that simple.

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About the Author:

Zoe Uddgren-Young joins us with 10 years' experience in marketing, CRM and project management roles within law firms – first, with DWF and thereafter with BLM. At both firms, Zoe was responsible for the implementation and management of Lexis InterAction; and proudly carried the mantle of an 'InterAction Champion' in the organisations. Prior to these roles, she worked in businesses across industries including banking, not for profit and television.

At LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, Zoe is now sharing her in-depth knowledge to help clients get the most out of their InterAction application. She is well equipped to guide clients in how best to align business strategy to the use of technology, gain organisation-wide buy-in for CRM and design robust and intuitive processes to facilitate successful adoption of InterAction.

Outside of work, Zoe enjoys reading, watching films, cooking, gym classes and walking.

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