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Fiona Jackson Returns to LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions – Armed with Insight, Tips and Tricks to Help InterAction Customers article image

Fiona Jackson Returns to LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions – Armed with Insight, Tips and Tricks to Help InterAction Customers

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Fiona Jackson, Client Advisor for Lexis InterAction is back – after nearly two and a half years at Pinsent Masons LLP as the law firm's CRM Manager! Prior to Pinsent Masons, Fiona was Client Advisor for InterAction for five years at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

Excited to chat to her about her experience and ask her the question that is on the tips of everyone's tongue – internally and externally – we caught up with her recently. Here's how the conversation went:

We are delighted to have you back in the fold – you were missed! What has brought you back?

(She laughs) ...well, it was always my plan to come back to Client Advising. I had given myself three years in a law firm environment when I left LexisNexis in 2015. It so happened that this position came up at LexisNexis just short of that timeframe. I'm very happy to be back too.

In 2015, it was a very conscious decision to join a law firm. I wanted to hone my skills and gain a first-hand understanding of the challenges that law firms face when it comes to adopting CRM as a business tool. It is the job of Client Advisors to advise on the software of course, but also to apply their real-world experience to specific law firm environments so that the business can gain the most out of CRM.

Today, I feel I have achieved what I set out to do – my experience is richer and I'm in a position of strength to help customers along in their CRM journey. For instance, now I appreciate the operational challenges of facilitating engagement with a CRM project in a law firm. Also, when customers ask me, "what's the best way to manage a business development pipeline in InterAction", I've done it! Holding this kind of ‘credibility' is very important to me as a Client Advisor/Consultant.

What was your role at Pinsent Masons?

My role at the firm has been very interesting and indeed, rewarding. I've had the privilege of working with experts and innovative thinkers.

I was driving the ‘repositioning' of InterAction as a business tool to help align CRM to the wider business development strategies of the firm. The senior Partner at the firm understood the need for InterAction to be a business initiative rather than a technology project, which was half the battle. Having his support was a big plus for the initiative. Also, CRM was a key part of the Director of Business Development's strategy. This further bolstered support for the initiative.

Facilitating internal collaboration was also a major focus for me. So, I worked closely with the business development team and the personal assistants to break down the typical barriers in a firm to CRM adoption.

Could you elaborate a bit more on how you drove the ‘repositioning' project at the firm?

Pinsent Masons has only been using InterAction for about the last four years or so. As is often the case, it was originally positioned as a technology tool. Consequently, there was limited engagement with InterAction, which means that the firm wasn't seeing the benefits of CRM. So, I bridged the gap between business development, IT and the business. Through this process, I extensively engaged with the Partners to help them see the value of InterAction for their day to day activity and for the larger business. In effect, I took on the role of an ‘evangelist' in the firm for CRM/InterAction.

What will your focus be at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions now?

Immediately, I'm driving an InterAction ‘repositioning' project for a large London law firm. Also, with the GDPR deadline looming, I'm committed to helping clients prepare and make the necessary changes for compliance. Alongside all this, I'm working with other firms to help them align CRM to their wider business development programmes and way of working. This involves both strategic and tactical CRM best practice, including user adoption initiatives.

As a Client Advisor, my focus is on making InterAction an indispensable, invaluable business tool for customers. In practical terms, this means that I'm always there for my clients supporting them in their CRM journey.

What does Fiona do outside of work?

I'm a mother to two teenagers, who keep me on my toes. I love walking and socialising. Even if I say so myself, I have a spectacular Gin collection. Recently, I've also discovered a love for cooking – might I add, with varying degrees of success!

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About the Author:

Fiona Jackson has spent over 15 years implementing and working with InterAction in professional services firms, including legal and accountancy. In these in-house roles, supported by InterAction, she managed marketing communications, devised and implemented business development strategies as well as trained and mentored fee earners. She worked closely with internal clients to understand their business processes end-to end and guided them in utilising the 'intelligence' gathered via InterAction to help them be successful at customer relationship management.

Fiona was previously a Client Advisor for five years at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions; and was often described as "an extension to our business" by her clients. She has now returned to the company to drive an InterAction ‘repositioning’ project for a large London law firm. Fiona is also working with other firms to help them align CRM to wider business development strategies. She specialises in strategic and tactical CRM best practice, and as an expert in devising user adoption strategies, her experience in rolling out and repositioning InterAction as a business tool is proving invaluable to clients.

Fiona is mother to two teenagers, who keep her firmly on her toes. Living in Hertfordshire, she loves walking, is often found obsessing over the latest box set and enjoys all that country pubs have to offer. She also has a spectacular Gin collection of her own. Recently, Fiona has discovered a love for cooking – the varying degrees of success hasn’t stopped her from continuing to giving it a go!

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