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LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions Empowers its Lexis InterAction Client Advising Team

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Our global InterAction product team meeting this year was a fantastic forum – it brought together teams from across regions to share ideas on future product development as well as service improvements for customers.

Our Client Advisors, who are at the coal face, and completely driven to help customers gain the most benefit from their investment in InterAction, had a request at this year's meeting – real-time visibility of all the Support calls logged by customers and the most up-to-date status on each incident.

Client Advisors ask, we deliver! In two weeks, the Support team, working with Internal Systems has added new functionality in LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions' internal instance of InterAction that enables Client Advisors to see all the Support incidents logged by customers – offering information on name of contact, who made the call, the date and time it was recorded, the Support Analyst working on the issue, and a short description of the problem. Soon, they will also be able to see the current Incident status too.

The InterAction Client Advisors in the UK, EMEA and APAC today can view this information anytime, from any device and location. Every time a new incident is recorded in our internal incident management system (we use Lexis Visualfiles), the information is sent in real-time to the company's InterAction record.

Already, with the resounding success of this capability, we are working to introduce similar functionality for Client Advisors serving Lexis Visualfiles, our workflow and case management system and customers. In doing so, we are empowering our Client Advisors to deliver the best possible consultancy and customer service they possibly can.

This is a prime example of our philosophy of continuous improvement in action, which is enabled by sharing of ideas and a cross-functional approach to business globally. While we are always looking ahead to develop our product roadmaps so that the solutions meet evolving customer needs; equally we are committed to making incremental improvements to the way we deliver service. The ‘customer' is genuinely at the heart of all our initiatives.

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Brian leads the UK, EMEA and APAC Support teams. Now in his 12th year at LexisNexis InterAction, he has valuable experience in delivering Support to LexisNexis InterAction customers. Brian originally joined the organisation as a Support Analyst and then took on the Support role for InterAction, before embarking on the current position.

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