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Mani Nanua, a Lexis InterAction Champion, Joins the Professional Services Application Team article image

Mani Nanua, a Lexis InterAction Champion, Joins the Professional Services Application Team

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Mani Nanua is genuinely a Lexis InterAction champion – he has over 10 years of experience in working with the solution and several other complementary eMarketing products. It’s great to welcome him to the Professional Services Team here at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. We talked to him to understand how his affair with InterAction started.

You have been involved with InterAction practically all your working life, how did that come about?

Mani Nanua: Yes, it all started with my placement at Simmons & Simmons in my third year at university. My role at that time was to work with the CRM manager to help roll out Tikit globally across the firm. Thereafter, I was asked to come back to the firm after I finished university and offered a role in the IT team department. In this role, for two years, I worked closely with data stewards and the marketing department to support the firm and InterAction users so that the solution worked smoothly and delivered the service they wanted. Since then, my career has been centred around the solution!

Even at that time, InterAction was a core application in the day to day running of the business at Simmons & Simmons. One inception form fed the practice management system and InterAction at the same time as InterAction was pivotal to managing the firm’s relationships. When I got to the firm, the solution was already so well embedded. I gained a good understanding of the mechanics and functionality of the solution, but also saw first-hand its advantages to the business when properly deployed and used.

With this role at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, you’ve moved from law firm to vendor – what attracted you to the change?

Mani Nanua: To be honest, it is the logical next step. Charles Russell Speechlys was a great place to work and I learnt a lot in my position as their CRM Manager. During my time at the firm, I worked closely with the InterAction team here at Enterprise Solutions as a customer and my experience has only ever been positive. I want to continue to learn a lot more about CRM and build my knowledge and expertise in this space. What better place to do that than here!

What are you enjoying most about your current role?

Mani Nanua: I used to do in-house training in my previous job and my new role takes it a step further where I’m helping customers – those who are new to the solution and those who have been using it for a long time – to make the most of InterAction. I’m mindful that in addition to my knowledge, I share my experience of the solution, but also pass on the nuggets of insight that I glean from users at other customer organisations too. I’m working with the customers so that they can make their own choices on how best to use the solution, I’m merely empowering them with the information.

Do you have a work philosophy that has stood you in good stead?

Mani Nanua: At Charles Russell Speechlys, the previous IT Director said to me that InterAction was being used more than ever before at the firm, so I must be doing something right. After I had joined the firm, we had started a process of culture change, which I believe is the number one thing that facilitated a meaningful adoption of CRM. Creating visibility of the benefits of using InterAction and appointing super users to champion the initiative were great ways of making people feel positive about using the solution. This approach is proven, and I hope to be able to deploy it to help our customers so that they can derive the most out of InterAction and indeed CRM as a discipline.

Have you learnt anything about InterAction that you didn’t know before you joined?

Mani Nanua: All through my career, InterAction has been core to what I’ve done. In my previous role, I was involved in a very thorough cost-benefit analysis of InterAction versus other CRM solutions and InterAction came up trumps by a long way, which is why the firm retained it while I was there. So, my knowledge of the solution was already fairly comprehensive. However, it’s only after joining the company that I’ve gained insight into the extent to which the company is investing in InterAction. There may be hype about new entrants in the marketplace, but I can tell you that InterAction is here to stay. The kind of functionality that the solution currently offers and that which is road mapped for it in the future, other solution providers will find hard to beat.

What do you do outside of work?

Mani Nanua: I enjoy going to the gym and as a huge Nottingham Forest FC supporter, playing and watching football. I’m also a thrill seeker – skydiving, abseiling, bungee jumping and ziplining, I’ve done it all! When I can I also love to travel and see as many different places around the world as possible, give me a cultural city break over a lazy beach holiday – any time!

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About the Author:

Mani Nanua, Senior Application Consultant at LexisNexis Enterprise Solution, has over 10 years' experience in the CRM space. As part of the Professional Services Application Consulting team, he helps customers to configure Lexis InterAction and implement the solution and associated components to meet their organisational needs. He also conducts training and knowledge transfer sessions to enable customers to optimise the use of InterAction and adhere to best practice methodologies.

Prior to this role, he was CRM Systems Manager at Charles Russell Speechlys LLP. Managing a team to oversee the CRM and the eMarketing functions, he led the amalgamation of the InterAction environments following the merger of Charles Russell and Speechly Bircham. He also drove projects to integrate InterAction with the firm’s practice management system and the rollout of a new integrated eMarketing tool. Before that, Mani has held roles at Tikit and Simmons & Simmons.

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