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Giving Lawyers a 'CRM' Voice with New LexisNexis InterAction KSI article image

Giving Lawyers a 'CRM' Voice with New LexisNexis InterAction KSI

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User satisfaction has always featured highly as a metric for LexisNexis InterAction and one of the tools that we have historically used to gather feedback has been the InterAction Key Success Indicator (KSI). It’s an online survey completed by users in law firms, the results of which provide good insight into how users are taking advantage of InterAction and where improvements can be made so that customer organisations can derive more business value from the solution. Recently, LexisNexis has launched a refreshed version of the KSI, which in addition to surveying the marketing and business development (BD) functions is also aimed at gathering the impressions from lawyers, to give them a ‘voice’ in terms of how InterAction is configured, enhanced and adopted within their organisations.

Foremost, it will take lawyers and partners all of 10 minutes to complete the online survey – literally! The findings will offer both the InterAction Client Advisors and the firm’s CRM manager with an understanding into how fee earners are engaging with InterAction and indeed CRM as a discipline and crucially, how the existing solution can be enhanced in order to expressly deliver against the needs of the lawyers.

For instance, say a finding of the KSI is that the firm’s lawyers are keen to be able to access InterAction ‘on the go’ given the nature of their work, they routinely work remotely or off their smart devices. Resolution could entail any of the following: The firm may need to consider grating mobile access to InterAction. Or, the situation signals that for whatever reason, the fee earners need retraining on the solution as the firm has already deployed InterAction Mobility. Or even that the configuration InterAction itself may require review, as in its existing form usability may be the cause of lack of the users’ ability to use it effectively.

The findings of a KSI survey encourage a meaningful discussion on everything from gaining a better understanding of the requirements of lawyers, through to serving as a catalyst for a new discussion pertaining to data quality, reporting, setting up key client programmes, referral programmes and much more.

So, calling out to CRM and BD managers in law firms – if you have historically struggled to get the lawyers in your firm to meaningfully engage with CRM, our KSI tool can help you get a ‘CRM Hi 5’ from your fee earners! Encourage lawyers in your firms to respond to the new KSI survey – the survey is easy to respond to and quick to complete online. The InterAction KSI as a concept is a tried and tested way of getting rid of any dissonance that may exist among lawyers affecting their engagement and adoption of CRM. It will facilitate lawyer engagement with CRM and ensure that your firm derives the most value and maximises the return on investment in InterAction. To find out more about the KSI programme and how your firm can enhance adoption of CRM, get in touch with your Client Advisors. They are experts in both the CRM discipline and the InterAction product offering.

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Paul has over 25 years of experience working with law firms across the UK and Europe. Over the last 8 years he has focussed his career into learning and sharing how best to implement and use CRM to achieve collaborative and mutually supporting Business development processes at Law firms.

He believes that his knowledge of InterAction coupled with an appreciation of what motivates lawyers and legal support personnel enables him to work effectively with law firms of all sizes who want to make the most of their CRM investment.

He is passionate about helping law firms get the best return on their CRM investment and achieving their strategic goals with InterAction.

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