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A Managed 'Leavers' Programme Helps Reduce Business Risk

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In this relationship driven legal business, a managed leavers programme should be an intrinsic part of a law firm's CRM and business development programmes, but it isn't always the case. Does this scenario ring a bell – the firm has known that a Partner is retiring from the business, but it's only in the last few weeks of the handover process that the firm realises this person has the strongest relationships with key clients – and that there aren't any other strong touch points in those select clients? A structured leavers programme would pre-empt such scenarios, thereby reducing business risk.

A formalised programme ensures that current relationships with clients are seamlessly managed and that there is limited impact on client activity. It enables the firm to demonstrate professionalism – as well as illustrate that clients' business is a top priority for the organisation, not just the individuals working on their matters.

Equally, effectively managing the change in status of relationships of those leaving the firm, helps create informal ambassadors especially if they are leaving to work directly for a client or competitor. Referral work still features highly as a source of new business in law firms and managing an alumni programme can significantly support this process.

Modern CRM systems today offer different types of offboarding functionality to enable law firms to manage leaver programmes. Unfortunately, this capability can be grossly under-utilised if a proactive process is not also in place. To assist with this challenge, InterAction can easily provide details of what relationships the leaver has and the potential risk his or her departure might pose to the business.

This can also be demonstrated within InterAction's Data Minder, as it enables proactive relationship management to ensure the leavers' programme becomes 'business as usual'. Firms can routinely view relationships assigned to individuals and warn the organisation if there is only one person showing as knowing or engaging with a client or prospect. This enables the relevant lawyers and partners to intervene in a timely manner so that the organisation as a whole maintains the right level of relationships.

This recently introduced feature, simply requires the CRM administrator or manager to enter the leaver's name in the system to highlight the instances where the individual is the only person who has a strong relationship with a client or prospect. In fact, there is no need to wait to trigger this process. This capability should be proactively used at regular intervals to help minimise relationship risks at an individual level.

Furthermore, Data Minder also facilitates compliance with the GDPR. The regulation stipulates that businesses need good reason to hold data and that it must be kept up to date. Data Minder enables firms to quickly and easily highlight the quality of data through a set of simple dashboards. It also enables firms to suppress contacts that fit the criteria under the 'right to be forgotten.'

A managed 'leavers' process is more than just offboarding, it's end-to-end relationship management across the lifecycle of individuals in the firm – be they employees, clients, prospects or even third-party relationships. If you would like to leverage this capability within InterAction, do get in touch with your Client Advisor, they will be able to help you exploit this functionality to the full.

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Loreen's main focus is to provide clients with impartial and objective advice on how to incorporate InterAction into your business. She tries to bring a different perspective on dealing with the many challenges of ensuring user adoption and aligning the system to business planning.

She has worked for a large global law firm implementing InterAction across all offices, so has first-hand experience of dealing with the organisational change brought about by introducing a CRM system, along with the expectations that it can present. Loreen has a deep understanding of technical, process and business issues within a law firm, having worked at all levels to roll out InterAction and manage other Marketing and Business Development Projects over a period of 15 years.

This covered Partners, Lawyers, Secretaries, Senior Marketing and Business Development Managers along with their respective teams.

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