Fiona Jackson
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Posted by | Oct 29, 2013

Sixty two per cent of client CEOs say that the impression of being a well-managed advisory firm is an essential pre-condition of selection of a professional services organisation, according to a recent Financial Times report entitled ‘Effective Client-Advisor Relationships’. The only way to be perceived as being well managed is to actually ‘be’ a well-managed advisory. In fact, aside from helping firms to be selected by prospective customers, being well-managed aids profitability and client retention too.

Fraser Mayfield

Posted by | May 09, 2013

Many firms are exploring alternative investment options today. To successfully secure external investment, firms need to strategically position themselves as attractive investment targets. Business Management System (BMS) as a technology can enable law firms to meet investors’ selection criteria, which typically include scalability of business, firm’s growth potential and quality of earnings.

Haley O'Brien
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Posted by | Apr 23, 2013

2012 saw growing traction for Lexis InterAction in the private equity sector, driven by firms’ need to harness contacts/associates for business leverage in a difficult market. From our implementations, we have noted areas that merit special attention when deploying CRM technology to ensure project success: