Centrum Summer 19: Three steps to CRM heaven

Meaningful and evolving technology, the value of interconnection, and information at the right time and in the correct format are non-negotiable for today's CRM professional says Fiona Jackson at LexisNexis InterAction.

As the business environment evolves, it's almost irrefutable that a cultural shift is required in our attitudes towards change. To this end, as business development and marketing professionals work to help their firms achieve the commercial goals, there are three key areas from a CRM technology perspective of which it's worth taking advantage:

The value of interconnection

In business, we thrive from the "value" our "connections" offer. On a tactical CRM level, it's about data, systems, processes and people (including clients).

CRM technology should be leveraged to both see the holistic picture of relationships for new business opportunity as well as drill-down into individual contacts to understand the strength, depth and breadth of each relationship. This facilitates new business but, more importantly, helps identify areas where service delivery can be improved.

Contextual information

CRM systems contain excellent information on firms' sphere of influence, but the true value of that insight is derived when it is presented at the right time, in the right place and within users' workflow. For instance, if a user is working on developing an invitation list for an upcoming event in Excel, the individual should be able to easily compare an attendee list from a previous conference that resides in the CRM system – without leaving the Excel application. Or a user should be able to make a VOIP call directly from Outlook, if that is the application they are working from at that point in time.

Similarly, when looking to attend an upcoming event the user reviewing the potential delegate list should be able to identify and view the details of key clients and contacts from within the Word or Excel application that they may be in at that point in time. Instantly, they can know whether or not they will see a return on the time they invest in attending the event, all without having to process the data into the CRM system.

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