Top Tips: CRM is languishing – rebrand, relaunch or reposition?

Tennille offers her top tips on how to resuscitate a languishing CRM system.

Today, the majority of professional services firms have CRM systems deployed in their organisations. Anecdotal evidence however suggests that in many firms these technology systems are primarily used as centralised databases – and at best for marketing related activity such as mailing of newsletters, email campaign distributions and the like. Unfortunately though in some organisations, the CRM systems have ‘fallen by the wayside’ with usage being negligible, resulting in wasted investment of course, but to the detriment of business.

Why? Following the recent global financial crisis, many firms ‘jumped on the band wagon’, of implementing CRM systems to keep up with competition. Consequently, several firms have fallen victim to launching a CRM system without a robust and thought-through adoption strategy to support the larger business goals of the organisation.

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