‘Just in time’ is a must for a global legal business

Contrary to the common view point, efficiency should be the by-product of a law firm's drive to deliver the best possible service to clients, and not the other way round.

Fundamental to this approach is ‘just in time’ information. The concept of component delivery being just in time is well adopted and proven in the manufacturing sector to improve production efficiency and reduce inventory costs.

This concept relates readily to information delivery too. To deliver the best possible client service in today’s fast globalising and dynamic legal sector, lawyers need to work at the same productivity levels while on the move as they would in the office. With a global client mix and team structures, lawyers are spread across time zones with no common working hours.

Also, lawyers are increasingly working from wherever is most convenient way for them - the office, home, on holiday, and while travelling. They no longer have the luxury to ask peers about the status of matters and the firm's key business metrics at designated times, such as prior to clients reviews and board meetings.

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