LexisNexis Launches InterAction® for Office 365®

Delivered through an innovative hybrid cloud technology model, InterAction for Office 365 ushers in a new era of embedded CRM to instantly empower professionals and maximise client & relationship data.

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LONDON, U.K. 08 April 2019 – LexisNexis® InterAction®, a leading client relationship management (CRM) solution purpose-built for legal and professional services, today launched InterAction® for Office 365®, an advanced, high-performing application that embeds CRM data into existing workflows across Microsoft® Outlook, Excel and Word. Available for both desktop and subscription versions of Office, this application harnesses the power of a firm’s client relationship data, delivering it at the right time so professionals can update, access and consume client relationship data within their natural workflow at their desk or on the go.

Leveraging a LexisNexis patented technology, this application is delivered through a hybrid cloud model that enables a cloud-based application to securely access data (without storing it at rest) regardless of where it resides – on-premises behind a firewall, in a private cloud or in a public cloud environment. This hybrid model is a key tenet in the future of InterAction, combining the best aspects of SaaS with the control and choice clients demand. New innovation can be delivered seamlessly while enabling firms to manage and store the data where they prefer.

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