Enhance your Relationship Intelligence by connecting matters, people and companies in one place.

InterAction Matters, our law firm case management software, enables law firms to enhance their Relationship Intelligence by connecting matters, people and companies in one central repository.

In most firms today, matter information and the information about the people and companies involved with a matter, is maintained across several technology applications (time and billing, word processing, CRM, etc.). With the ability to collect, expose and identify important matter details from within the InterAction environment, professionals have a complete and comprehensive view of a client matter at their fingertips. Professionals no longer need to query multiple systems in order to get the information they need, when they need it.

Streamlining new business initiatives

With the ability to mine information about a matter and the people associated with a matter, firms can easily present a new business prospect with the best-qualified and most skilled professionals to staff a matter, which enhances their new client development and cross-selling initiatives. InterAction Matters provides the tools for firms to formalise their business development processes with the ability to track important information about referrals, competitors and referenceable work.

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Capturing and exposing relationships for a competitive edge

InterAction Matters supports the tracking of external parties associated with a matter, such as expert witnesses, judges, and opposing counsel, greatly streamlining and simplifying a firm’s ability to research and strategise winning approaches to handling a matter. By capturing all the contacts associated with a matter and their respective roles in that matter, professionals are able to track, monitor and leverage important relationships, building upon the firm’s collection of Relationship Intelligence.

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Easily manage and maintain distribution lists

InterAction Matters supports distribution list management and maintenance, providing firms with the ability to streamline day-to-day, matter-level communications and reduce embarrassing errors and miscommunications. Maintaining distribution lists in a word processing document is time consuming and can contribute to inaccurate contact data when updates are made to this document and not to the central collection. With the easy-touse Distribution List feature, secretaries are able to quickly create players’ lists, working lists, service lists, and other lists of contacts and manage them right within the given matter.

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Leverage your firm’s Relationship Intelligence

With InterAction Matters, legal teams have a single place to go for up-to-date, relevant and valuable matter information and can easily leverage the collective experience, expertise and Relationship Intelligence of the firm for enhanced client service and improved business development.

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