Build on the contact management capabilities of LexisNexis InterAction with intelligent relationship management tools. Just add InterAction IQ - business intelligence for law firms.

LexisNexis InterAction does a great job collecting contacts from contact repositories. InterAction IQ takes it to the next level by:

  • Mining email signatures for contact data: uncovering contacts you didn't know the firm had and giving you accurate, continually updated contact information without imposing on busy lawyers and support staff.
  • Analysing activity levels within InterAction, email and calendars, and turning this data into relationship scores. So you can base your marketing and business development activities on the strength (or weakness) of the firm's relationships with clients and prospects.

So little effort, such good data
If you're concerned about the completeness or quality of contact data, InterAction IQ is your answer.

With business development depending on personal relationships, you have two fundamental contact management challenges:

  • Busy lawyers and support staff tend to create contact records for only a fraction of the people they deal with.
  • Where contact records do exist, staff struggle to find time to keep them up to date.

Enter InterAction IQ. It's as simple as:

  • Automatically mining email signatures (one of the most accurate sources of contact information) and using the data to update InterAction contacts or create new ones.
  • Choosing your level of control: such as whether to review changes before implementing them.
  • Using sophisticated data quality tools to de-duplicate and cleanse records.

So everyone can spend less time on contact management — and benefit from more complete, more accurate contact data.

So little effort, such good data image

Insight into what really matters
New contacts discovered. Relationship strengths and weaknesses exposed. Interaction IQ gives you the insight to protect and grow business.

Besides identifying contacts reliably, InterAction IQ gleans clues about the level of client engagement from InterAction activities, calendar appointments across the firm, and frequency of email interactions. It turns this data into relationship scores that tell you:

  • Who is likely to be most receptive to business development efforts. So you can invest where it counts and stop squandering resources pursuing poor leads.
  • Where relationships are at risk and need to be actively strengthened. So you no longer risk being surprised by a client relationship eroding to the point of threatening business.
  • Which firm members are most likely to be successful in helping to land a new client or protect a relationship. So you can see better results from your more targeted efforts.
Insight into what really matters image

Strong privacy controls
With InterAction IQ you can give lawyers full control over what to share. And the software steers clear of message content.

While it mines email headers and signatures for contact information, InterAction IQ doesn't look at email subject lines or body content.

You can also allow staff to specify particular domains or contacts as private, preventing them from being added to InterAction and shared with others. So your legal professionals can protect privacy and privilege.

Firms using InterAction IQ find that this control, together with the insight provided when contacts are shared, goes a long way to breaking down internal barriers to sharing. A positive, reinforcing circle is then created (more sharing leads to better insights, which leads to people buying into more sharing...).

Ultimately, InterAction IQ encourages the firm to pull together to serve clients better and grow the business more profitably.

To learn more about how client and other sensitive data is safeguarded, please read this Q&A that gives answers to typical questions about Lexis InterAction IQ and data privacy and security.

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