LexisNexis InterAction for Accounting

Meeting growth and client satisfaction objectives is becoming more and more challenging for accountancy firms. So it’s absolutely vital that you maximise the potential of the relationships you’ve spent years nurturing with your clients and prospects.

With LexisNexis InterAction for Accountancy Firms you can increase client loyalty, employee productivity and revenue.

  • Maximise the value of your network of relationships by integrating information from internal and external systems
  • Exceed service expectations by being better informed about client and prospect activities.
  • Improve business development and marketing with focused and relevant communications.

With LexisNexis InterAction for Accountancy Firms you not only benefit from visibility of relationships, you also gain greater control of your data. In addition, providing the best tools available for servicing clients and prospects helps retain and utilise staff more effectively.

Maximise the value of your network of relationships
Leverage who and what you know to uncover and close more deals

  • Quickly centralise information about clients, such as key relationships, conversations and correspondence.
  • Uncover potential opportunities by accessing a 360º view of each contact.
  • Map the subtle relationships between contacts to identify strategic relationships that can be used to gain competitive advantage.
  • Proactively manage your clients and contacts whilst underpinning all of your business development strategies and campaigns from key account management, cross-selling, intermediaries programmes, prospecting and pursuits.

Exceed service expectations
Improve client retention by keeping employees at every level fully informed of activities.

  • Increase confidence and productivity by providing employees with a 360º view of each client and prospect
  • Automatically inform all those who need to know when someone interacts with or updates information about a client or prospect
  • Make sure employees have the information they need to respond immediately and appropriately to customers’ requests

Improve business development and marketing
Grow and develop your business more intelligently.

  • Leverage who and what employees know to uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Use relationship intelligence to target marketing campaigns more effectively
  • Understand and maximise referral and cross-sell opportunities
  • Use existing contacts to extend relationships across geographies

Gain greater control of data
Spend less time implementing your solution and more time utilising it to grow your business.

  • Use powerful data quality and change management tools to help ensure the integrity and accuracy of data
  • Reduce the time and cost of data administration
  • Allow employees to accept or decline changes made to their contacts
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations
  • Use enhanced security features to selectively share information about contacts, without compromising privacy or confidentiality
  • Provide the information employees need anywhere, anytime with secure Internet access