Securely Access Data
Regardless of Where It Resides

LexisNexis® InterAction® provides a unique hybrid cloud-based CRM delivery model that allows firms to reduce their IT burden while maintaining full control over where their data is stored. The hybrid cloud modules leverage a LexisNexis patented technology to securely access data regardless of where it resides.

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Choose where your data resides

With our hybrid cloud based CRM, you can store your data on-premises behind a firewall, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud environment—you decide.

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Access data securely

The LexisNexis patented methodology means data is never stored at rest in the InterAction cloud.

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Reduced IT burden

Incremental automatic software updates cause reduced downtime for users and minimal technical resources.

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Improved user experience

From the intuitive and responsive design to the embedded guides and videos to support users when they need it, these applications are designed with the users in mind.

InterAction Client Data Embedded Where You Work
Outlook®. Word. Excel®

Vital client data is embedded into existing workflows with integrations across Microsoft® Outlook®, Word, and Excel®. Powerful client relationship data is delivered when and where it is needed most, so you can offer clients better service and build a pipeline for new business opportunities.

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