Law firms build important relationships at events and meetings. LexisNexis InterAction Mobility gives your people the edge when and where they need it.

Make the most of the core InterAction system by deploying its mobile software application for law firms; allowing lawyers to:

  • Access the firm's collective knowledge about relationships when out and about (to better prepare for a meeting while on the train, for example, or have a more informed conversation with someone just met at an event). And add notes to InterAction after a meeting, using their mobile.
  • Phone, text or email anybody whose contact data is in InterAction, directly from their contact record on the mobile interface.
  • Automatically add to or update InterAction's contact data by scanning a business card using their mobile.

Make a better impression
With information literally at their fingertips, lawyers save time and have more fruitful interactions with clients and prospects.

So much important relationship building happens through networking and meetings, it's surely obvious that lawyers will benefit from having access to relevant insight and intelligence away from the office.

They can identify common contacts when meeting someone new and research your firm's history with an organisation or individual — all without calling the office or sending out pleas for information from colleagues.

InterAction Mobility also makes everyday actions just a little bit easier. Lawyers don't have to remember to note down the address or phone number of a contact they'll be travelling to see. They will have that information to hand whenever they need it, and can check a client's exact location; or call, text or email them directly through the mobile application.

Quite simply, they'll be more quickly and easily prepared, and more productive, all of which will make the right impression on the important contacts that they meet.

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Get more from your investment
InterAction Mobility encourages a virtuous circle that makes the core InterAction system both more useful and more utilised.

From accessing information to capturing notes directly after a call or meeting, the application is so convenient to use, it naturally leads to greater use of InterAction. This reinforces the value of ready access to relationship intelligence and encourages lawyers to share information that they themselves have.

As lawyers share more, InterAction will hold richer information about clients and contacts, making it more useful. And the more useful it becomes, the more it is used, thus creating a positive, reinforcing circle that increases the value of your investment in the solution.

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Keep it simple and secure
As a browser-based cloud service that doesn't store contact data in the cloud or on users' devices, InterAction Mobility is both secure and less of a burden on IT.

We've designed InterAction Mobility as a browser-based cloud service, which means:

  • It's compatible with any smartphone or tablet (basically: any device with a browser).
  • It's easy to deploy and requires virtually no ongoing management by your IT department.
  • Product updates are handled centrally, enabling users to benefit from improvements immediately.

All contact data remains on your InterAction server behind your firewall. When users log in, an encrypted VPN tunnel is created for them to access the data held in the main InterAction system.*

This a simple, secure way to extend the use and value of InterAction.

* InterAction Mobility requires internet connectivity; there is no offline mode.

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