There are only three potential sources of work - your current clients, your professional contacts and new clients, and there are only two ways to reach those three groups - in person and in writing.

Getting in front of those groups either physically or virtually is becoming harder and yet more important in the pursuit of new business and happy clients.

So what can you do in person and what can you do in writing to effectively reach those groups and develop business from them?

LexisNexis InterAction have partnered with Douglas McPherson from Size 10½ Boots to explore the tools and techniques at your disposal to win more new clients or to win more work from the clients and contacts you already have.

The guide has been designed with the BD and Marketing Professional in mind, but snippets are certainly worth sharing with your Fee Earning Community, after all we know that BD and Marketing are only part of the story when it comes to firm-wide success.


There are many different ways to network - either formally or informally, over coffee or over lunch, but how do you identify the right events? These resources help you prepare for, and get the most from networking events.


When firms speak at events their presence has a real impact  - demonstrating their expertise in particular areas of law. These guides help you plan for and create better presentations, helping you create more marketing opportunities.


When it comes to writing you can create many different types of content, but which are best for you and your firm? These resources help you consider the different options and how to produce engaging content for your audience.

Public relations

Ensuring great media relations and improving or enhancing your firm’s public image is a key component of marketing. These resources provide a background to Legal PR and an easy-to-follow breakdown of the types of PR available to your firm...


If your marketing is going to be a success, everyone needs to contribute. Researching where to network, where to speak and where to write is invaluable. It is also a great way to engage those who are less comfortable with the more traditional marketing activities...


And finally, there's planning. Once you know who you want to engage with and how you want to reach them, you need to get those ideas down onto one piece of paper. This enables you to implement everything easily alongside your fee earning responsibilities. Here we explain how to structure a plan that will not only achieve your objectives but will also be straightforward to implement.